About the Office of the County Attorney

The Office of the County Attorney is an internal legal office that advises Mecklenburg County elected officials and employees on legal matters and provides representation to the County in court and legal negotiations. The office provides legal advice to the Board of Commissioners, manager, and staff on a variety of legal issues concerning statutes, rules, regulations, or court interpretations. 

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Legal Documents, Ordinances and Policies

Specific responsibilities include drafting or reviewing all County contracts, resolutions, regulations, special legislation and ordinances, researching legal issues  and attending Board of Commissioners meetings in the capacity of legal counsel. The County Attorney’s Office is the County government’s law firm and handles all government related business activity.

If you need legal information...

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The Office of the County Attorney is not able to provide legal advice to Mecklenburg County residents, businesses or other individuals. If you have a legal question, whether regarding county business or private, you may wish to consider private legal representation.